Register a Federal PAC

PACs are revolutionizing the way individuals participate in the political process -- now anyone can raise and spend money in elections.

6-PAC allows political professionals to create new PACs online -- in six minutes or less -- and helps manage Federal Elections Commission (FEC) compliance. By reducing the time and monetary cost of the legal vehicles necessary for political action, 6-PAC empowers political professionals with the tools to hold our elected leaders accountable.

Why start a PAC?

Billionaires like the Koch brothers and their insider lackeys like Karl Rove are raising and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars through the use of PACs -- political professionals like you should have access to the same tools. If you plan to raise or spend more than $10,000 during the next federal election cycle, you need a legal framework and guidance on how to comply with government regulations.

Law firms will charge you hundreds of dollars to register your PAC. 6-PAC will do it quickly, correctly, and for free. Fill out the form on the left to begin the process now.